On the words of a complete stranger.

Published March 15, 2012 by mandileighbean

I totally meant to write earlier, but I had somewhat of a hectic day. I was a substitute teacher at the local high school today, and that put me in an abysmal mood for a number of reasons I don’t care to discuss right now, as doing so would only cause the mood to return. After school, I ran some errands, taught during home instruction, and ran some more errands. I was worried about when I would write, but I am so glad I waited.

It wasn’t until 8:30PM this night that I had anything worth writing about.

I called my oldest sister, Missy, while I was waiting for my younger brother to be let out of CCD – his Catechism class. Missy answered, and I told her about how our cousin, Danielle, wants Missy to make buffalo chicken dip for the family’s St. Patrick’s Day Party on Saturday, and that Danielle said someone would be at Danielle’s house every night this week if Missy wanted to pick up the bowl Missy left there after the family’s New Year’s Eve party … which was also the last time Missy made the buffalo chicken dip.

But I digress, and I apologize for doing so.

The main point of the conversation between Missy and myself, was that I mentioned moving to Virginia with them in September. I just started entertaining this idea earlier today when I was feeling particularly hopeless and discouraged, but the more I think about it, the more excited I become. In a good-hearted manner, Missy asked me where I planned on living in Virginia. Clearly she knew I planned on staying with her – until I found a place of my own – but I was feeling humorous and said, “I don’t know, but I’ll hook if I have to.”

I should mention that it was an unseasonably warm night, so I had both of the front windows rolled down in my truck. I should also mention that I was sitting in a church parking lot, talking about becoming a hooker, while waiting for my little brother. I didn’t realize that the older man in the car beside mine also had his windows down, and when I hung up, he called out, “You won’t have to hook, sweetie. Things will get better.”

What awesome advice. We laughed together, made a few more jokes and then fell silent. Truth be told, I was totally embarrassed.

Before he left, the man called out to me again and said, “Remember what I said.”

This older man, this complete stranger, saved my entire day. He made me laugh, helped me to lighten up and not be so … blah, for lack of a better term.

Laughter is as soothing as this warm weather – it heats the blood as it pumps through restless hearts and wearied veins, which makes one feel infinite and optimistic to a fault.

What a great night.

5 comments on “On the words of a complete stranger.

  • We live in a society that encourages so much anonymity and distrust that we often forget our fellow man or woman is just a couple inches and maybe a bit of courage away from giving us great advice or, as you it happened to you, brighten our day with laughter.

    Blogging obviously does away with that. We are here with a desire to be outward, to communicate. What happens in the so-called “real world”? We become the coffins of our problems.

    Online we bloom and offline most of us wither. It’s a strange process.

  • Mandi. I love your story and I’m glad I found it. In addition, ABYSMAL is the PERFECT word to describe a mood after subbing!

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