On short and sweet.

Published September 12, 2012 by mandileighbean

This entry is going to be short and sweet because I should really be sleeping.  I am still posting because I made a promise to do so every day, but I am most likely going to edit and repost this prompt so it’s not so vague.  Or so crappy.

Hope you enjoy it anway!


PROMPT: “The only thing I’ve got left is my pride.”


PIECE: “Well?” she demanded, her toes clicking impatiently against the tiled floor of the hallway.  One foot was ahead of the other and she was bent towards him, like she couldn’t hear what he was saying but really wanted to.  Her thin arms were bowed out at the sides with her polished nails gripping her own waist, hands on her hips.  Though she said she wanted an answer, he knew with utmost certainty that no matter what he said, she was going to be furious.  No matter what words issued forth from his mouth, slipping from between his lips like paper from a printer – completely manufactured – this whole encounter was going to end terribly.  He sighed and steeled himself.  He saw this coming – he should have known.  This is what happens when you’re not such a nice guy.

“Mallory, the only thing I’ve got left is my pride.”

“Bullshit,” was her quick response.  Her eyes flashed and she righted her posture.  She was standing tall and sure, like she knew she was completely in the right and therefore untouchable.  Unlike him, Mallory wasn’t trembling like a leaf.  “This has nothing to do with pride.  That’s a cop out.  Just tell me why, Brett.  I just need a reason.”  He was surprised; her anger was not fierce.  Hell, she didn’t seem angry.  Mallory was just hurt and mostly tired.

“I don’t know,” was all Brett said.

Mallory, with an open palm, slapped him across the face.  Then she left.  And that was that.

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